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Fasteners, Underlayment & Adhesives

Fasteners - Staples
Manufacturer SizeQuantity
Spot Nail 2” 7,700 per box
High Pro 2” 5,000 per box
Spot Nail 1-1/2” 10,300 per box
Fasteners - Finishing Nails
Manufacturer SizeQuantity
Paslode Straight 2” 5,000 per box
Paslode Angle 2” 2,000 per box
Bostitch2” 3,500 per box
Senco2” 4,000 per box
Item Size
Aquabar 500 sq. ft. per roll
HWD-15 432 sq. ft. per roll
Silicone Vapor Shield 400 sq. ft. per roll
Foam Underlayment 100 sq. ft. per roll
Type Size
Titebond Original 16 oz
Titebond Original 1 Gal
Titebond Heavy Duty 10.5 oz
Titebond Heavy Duty 29 oz